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Hi everyone!

I'm new to iguanas and new to this community! I recently moved down to my dream town, Madison, IN, and I am currently rooming with my best friend and her fiance. They have two iguanas. I have never really been around iguanas in my life, but now I am in love with them! What cool creatures! I love them so much, in fact, that I decided to join an iguana community!

What's funny is these iguanas are now my godchildren. :) My friends told me that if something were to happen to them, the iguanas are to be cared for by myself.

First we have Zee, a 1-year-old male BRAT of an iguana! LOL! You know how they are when they are young. He still doesn't trust us yet, but he is warming up to Mike, my friend's fiance. He is a gorgeous green colour with blue starting on the side of his heads. He has a few stripes on his tail and up his sides and he is starting to get more! His spikes are very long for his age and will be super long when he matures. I think he would be considered pretty sexy by female iguanas! He's very  beautiful... but he is a brat. He LOVES his stuffed iguana toy. He sleeps on it! We also found out that if you pick up the stuffy and then pick him up, he'll cling to it and let you pet him. Ha! He wasn't mean... he just wanted his stuffy! What a little boy.

Next is Iggy. She is my friend Lakota's iguana. She is a 4-year-old female and is about four feet in length or so. She is brown and orange with green on her undersides and her legs. She has the sweetest disposition and I just love her. She likes to be held and loves attention. You can pet her for the longest time and she closes her eyes and leans into your hands as you pet her. She also loves to lay in a warm tub and swim and she loves cat food, too! My cat isn't very happy about that, though. I have to hide the cat food dish whenever she slinks her way into the kitchen. Hahaha. She will also give you licky kisses on the nose.

So, those are my godbabies. :) What cool creatures they truly are. I am now an iguana lover!
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I need some advice on taming a baby/juvenille iguana. He's about one year old now, got him last spring, and he's growing up. I'm assuming he's a male, his femoral pores seems to be large.
Is it possible for him to already exhibit dominant behaviour at age 1?

He flares his dewlap wether I get near him, otherwise he's fine when I constantly walk around him, huffs & puffs when I touch him, open mouth threats, and tail whipping. It could be just fear, but his head already has some blue coloration next to the crests, that my much older iguana used to have. While a small iguana huffing and puffing looks adorable, what's the best way to handle this?

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I just got my first baby iguana last week and need some advice on feeding.

I'm feeding him what my adult iggy used to like; collards, misc mix, red peppers, mangoes, strawberries, etc, but I'm not sure he actually eats the food. I am planning on adding more variety of veggies until I figure out what he likes. He did lick the food on few occasions. Walks all over it daily. But didn't see him eating though.

For others who had baby iguanas, how did you initally go about feeding them? More variety or less? blending foods or just chopping? Do they eat really small quantities? Anyone tried feeding a live culture yogurt?

My first iguana was few years old so I had no problem with his appetite at first. Managed to get him off lettuce and zuchinni too.

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I need a large cage!

Does anyone have one they don't need anymore, or know someone who can build one?  I just got my iguana (Tinga) 2 weeks ago and I would love to get her a nice big enclosure to call home.  I would want/need something probably around... 6' tall, 4' long, 2.5' deep if at all possible!    Any help is greatly appreciated!!
(we're in Chicago, btw)

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My boyfriend keeps insisting i post that "cool iguana site i go to" to ask a question about our ig.

He randomly bobs his head up and down like he's nodding and its cute and funny at the same time, i dont think its stress or anything, but its almost like he's dancing, kind of like my icon without the silly facial expression. any ideas?

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I posted a few weeks ago about our iguana... We've had him for approx. 4 months. My boyfriend did a lot of reading and pretty much got that you had to hold your ig often to help tame them, we do this as much as we can when we have free time and lately it's been starting to get on my nerves his attitude. Reptar, our ig, will whip at the cage every time you WALK by it. you won't even be paying attention to him and he just whips at it. When we try to get him out of his tank he'll run all over the place, run into walls and try to bite us, constantly whipping. I don't want an iguana that's going to be aggressive. i know it'll take some time to train him, but i just want to get some feedback. Did this happen to you when you first got your iguana?

How did you go about taming him/her and getting him/her to be friendly and not mean to people or human contact?

Also, his tailCollapse )

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My boyfriend and I have had Reptar for about 4 months now. Not sure how old he is, he's about a foot and a half, maybe two feet long. His tail was broken when he was a baby baby, so there's a mark on his tail from that. We feed him a mixture of turnip greens, collards, mustards, raddish, and every other greens. Blueberries, bananas, and stawberries for treats.. Reptarrr!Collapse )
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Toronto area Young Female Iggy Needs Home!


I was volunteering at the Toronto Humane Society yesterday and there is a lonely, sweet girl who needs a home.  She's one and a half years old, loves being held, pet, and cuddled.  She's been there since October and was transferred from a shelter outside of the city.  If you are thinking of adding another girl to your life or if you know anyone considering a pet iguana please have them stop by the Toronto Humane Society today.

Here she is!

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Iguana Vet in Toronto Area?

I was doing some searching on why Avoloca may not be hungry and I came across this:
NB pictures of the murdered iguanas and a very descriptive written report.

Anyways, if anyone can point me to the best iguana vet in Toronto, I'd like to take her in.

My original thought is that she maybe getting ready to lay eggs but it is worrisome to have a pet that doesn't want to eat.

She ate a piece of banana by herself so then I thought I could get her to eat banana's covered in Reptivite.  She gave them one lick and could tell they weren't just bananas so then I had to open her mouth and put them in to get her to eat them.

I've never had an egg-laying pet before so I don't really know what to look for.

I have to take her in anyways to get the proper documents so she can cross the border with us if we make the move to Portland Oregon, but I was planning to do it in a couple months.

I'd feel better about taking her in now though since she hasn't had a normal appetite for about two weeks now.

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