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A. M. Deering

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Hi everyone!

I'm new to iguanas and new to this community! I recently moved down to my dream town, Madison, IN, and I am currently rooming with my best friend and her fiance. They have two iguanas. I have never really been around iguanas in my life, but now I am in love with them! What cool creatures! I love them so much, in fact, that I decided to join an iguana community!

What's funny is these iguanas are now my godchildren. :) My friends told me that if something were to happen to them, the iguanas are to be cared for by myself.

First we have Zee, a 1-year-old male BRAT of an iguana! LOL! You know how they are when they are young. He still doesn't trust us yet, but he is warming up to Mike, my friend's fiance. He is a gorgeous green colour with blue starting on the side of his heads. He has a few stripes on his tail and up his sides and he is starting to get more! His spikes are very long for his age and will be super long when he matures. I think he would be considered pretty sexy by female iguanas! He's very  beautiful... but he is a brat. He LOVES his stuffed iguana toy. He sleeps on it! We also found out that if you pick up the stuffy and then pick him up, he'll cling to it and let you pet him. Ha! He wasn't mean... he just wanted his stuffy! What a little boy.

Next is Iggy. She is my friend Lakota's iguana. She is a 4-year-old female and is about four feet in length or so. She is brown and orange with green on her undersides and her legs. She has the sweetest disposition and I just love her. She likes to be held and loves attention. You can pet her for the longest time and she closes her eyes and leans into your hands as you pet her. She also loves to lay in a warm tub and swim and she loves cat food, too! My cat isn't very happy about that, though. I have to hide the cat food dish whenever she slinks her way into the kitchen. Hahaha. She will also give you licky kisses on the nose.

So, those are my godbabies. :) What cool creatures they truly are. I am now an iguana lover!
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