kayt (stonerfood) wrote in iguanas,

I posted a few weeks ago about our iguana... We've had him for approx. 4 months. My boyfriend did a lot of reading and pretty much got that you had to hold your ig often to help tame them, we do this as much as we can when we have free time and lately it's been starting to get on my nerves his attitude. Reptar, our ig, will whip at the cage every time you WALK by it. you won't even be paying attention to him and he just whips at it. When we try to get him out of his tank he'll run all over the place, run into walls and try to bite us, constantly whipping. I don't want an iguana that's going to be aggressive. i know it'll take some time to train him, but i just want to get some feedback. Did this happen to you when you first got your iguana?

How did you go about taming him/her and getting him/her to be friendly and not mean to people or human contact?


his tail didnt look like this when we first got him, my boyfriend and i presume it's from whipping at the cage all day, every day. we really want to get him to stop from hurting himself.... any suggestions?

idk if taming has to do with being outside either, but we live in michigan and it wont get warm enough for him to be outside again until probably may or so... any type of advice would be greatly appreciated.

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