kayt (stonerfood) wrote in iguanas,

My boyfriend and I have had Reptar for about 4 months now. Not sure how old he is, he's about a foot and a half, maybe two feet long. His tail was broken when he was a baby baby, so there's a mark on his tail from that. We feed him a mixture of turnip greens, collards, mustards, raddish, and every other greens. Blueberries, bananas, and stawberries for treats..

we thought he looked like a mini t-rex.. .he fell asleep.

some of his cage, his little perch we built.
food and small water dish with greens.

holding him.

sleeping on his glass...

on his perch..

which i have a question, whats some way you can keep his tank from getting those Water spots all the time? i have to end up cleaning the tank everyday and its getting really annoying. what are some products i can use in the cage that wont harm him?
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