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So, this one time...

We don't have an outdoor cage for our iggies, so we just generally leave the cage open and let them wander around the house in the daytime. They have their usual haunts that they decide with lizard-logic are great places to be. You know, the nice dark cabinet full of blankets, that crawl space between two laundry baskets, so when we need to find them, we're usually able to pretty quickly. Stumpy (who died about a year and a half ago, kidney disease :() once did this adorable thing.

She liked basking in the sun, and who can blame her? There's this spot at the top of our stairs that's in the window just right to get a good few hours of sun every day. Stumpy quickly figured this out, and it became her daily routine to climb up the stairs and sit for hours. When the sun went down, she climbed down the stairs back to the cage, but sometimes got confused over whether or not the lamps on the end-tables in the living room (where the large home-made cage is) were also the sun. So she would, from time to time, climb up to an end table and attempt to bask in the light of a sixty watt bulb that did absolutely nothing for her. She'd stick out her dewlap and everything.

One of these lamps is hooked up to a touch-on device; it's this small, black disk-type thing that you just have to tap lightly in order to change the light in levels. (Sorry if this is a bit obvious!) Anyway, one day, somebody left out a spoon, and it was touching this black disk. Also, on this day, Stumpy was basking under the lamp and sat with her cute scaly belly touching the spoon. Well, I was retrieving the lizards from around the house. (At this point, we had four.) I reach out to scoop up Stumpers...

And the light turns off. Odd, I think, normally you have to touch the disk, perhaps the bulb has run out just at that moment. I shrug, and I stroke that cute little gray head of hers. The light turns to the low level.

At this point, I am shocked and entertained. I touch her dewlap experimentally. The light turns to the next level - medium. Stumpy is now giving me the iguana stink-eye, (you know the one!), because normally when I pet her, I don't do it for a split second and stop to ponder. I just think it's hilarious that Stumpy has become a lamp touch-on device. Well, eventually, it became boring, so I scooped her up and let her walk back into her spacious cage to sit under the full-spectrums.
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